L2 Casuals - Lineage 2 for casual players

Lineage 2 for casual players.

An olschool lineage 2 experience aimed at the casual playerbase, activating those original nostalgic feelings from the early days.


Nostalgic experience
Friend finder
Mature company
Managed by me

Guranteed busy periods of hustle and bustle from Gludin to Goddard.

Retail like with low rates and basic "newbie" buffs available in town.

There will be a timetable of playable hours which forces this nostalgia but most importantly allowing casual players to have the real feeling.

We are all old and dont always enjoy the tideous aspects, we will support the community by having dedicated advice and tutorials.

Crafting guides, class guides, party orientation, etc

Join our discord to access our advanced friend finder application: JOIN DISCORD

Friendly and welcoming

No nonsense attitude towards cheating!

There will of course be l2 dramas, just have your fun!

EXP: x5


DROP: x1

Lineage has been my passion since 5 years old. I want to create a community of like minded lineage 2 players who want to enjoy this beautiful game.

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